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Cave In: Planets of Old

Planets of Old is the 2009 EP release from Alternative Metal band Cave In, on the Hydra Head record label. It marks the first release of music since the band split in 2006.

Since its release, the band Cave In has also released studio album, White Silence in 2011.

Who is Cave In?

  • Stephen Brodsky: vocals, guitar
  • Caleb Scofield: vocals, bass guitar
  • Adam McGrath: vocals, guitar
  • John-Robert Conners: drums

Planets of Old Track Listing

  1. "Cayman Tongue" – 6:40
  2. "Retina Sees Rewind" – 2:30
  3. "The Red Trail" – 2:14
  4. "Air Escapes" – 3:11

EP Facts

  • The EP was released July 19, 2009 at a reunion show. It wasn't made available to the public until July 28, 2009. It wasn't released on CD until 2010.
  • It was recorded in October 2008 at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • The entire album is 14 minutes and 35 seconds long. It was kept short to get songs out to the fans.
  • All the songs on the album are written by Cave In.